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Family and Children Portraits

When was the last time your family had a professional portrait taken?

It means that instead of frantically applied gloss and mascara, she gets to feel confident too. Once the family arrive, then we can get started on the photoshoot. You could even make the most of being ‘made over’ and have a night out after!

I promise you, years from now, you’ll look back at the photos and feel a glow of happiness at the special moments we captured. 

Someday your children will seek comfort in old photos with their mother…what will they find? 

One day, these photographs will be priceless. Your children will hold them dear; they will remember you and who you are today, and they will treasure them forever.  

In an age of digital images, where we take hundreds of snaps that we never look at again, it’s a delight to have real prints to rediscover, years from now.

I’m delighted to have many clients return year on year to add to their family album; it’s a privilege to play a role in documenting the growth and changes within a family. I love that I can savour that journey for a family. I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Working with children is the part of my job that I find most enjoyable. Children have such unique characteristics that they’re not afraid to show, they just don’t filter their personalities the way adults do. I make it my aim to ensure my photos portray these fantastic little (and big!) people so that each photo brings happy memories in the years to come.

My family portrait sessions capture the essence of your family life in exquisite pictures. Throughout the session I will guide you and your family with natural posing, so you all feel at ease.

Some ancient cultures thought that a photograph would steal your soul, and while that’s not true, I like to think that some photos manage to capture the love and happiness that’s in your soul. Those that take time to create family mementoes give a gift to the future generations; something to take comfort in and a sense of identity. 

The shoot can take place at a much-loved location, at your home or in the studio. Because mum is often at the heart of the family, it’s important that she has her moment to shine. Usually, the focus of a family photo shoot is the children, and I adore their little personalities shining through, but I also take care to capture mum. She’s usually the ‘family photographer’, behind the camera, so I take this opportunity to picture her in her role has wife, mother and woman. 

Years from now, when families have grown, these images will be reminders that bring joy and comfort.  

Now, the practical stuff…As a mum of twins, I know a thing or two about the impossibility of juggling getting ready with kids in tow! So, we encourage mum to arrive earlier than the rest of the family to allow her to enjoy pampering with the help of our professional hair and make-up artist.

Lisa photographed me just 4 months after having my second baby and I was so nervous. Her and her team made me feel so at ease, so relaxed and made the whole session so exciting with their endless enthusiasm. Would wholly recommend to anyone who wants to feel special, and have the moments captured forever!
— Emily Mitchell, Mum of two
Love is the bond that brings family together
The nights are long, but the years are short
A window to the past
— anon

“I will tell your family’s story through captivating and natural photographs.”

-Lisa Payne



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