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When was the last time you were photographed?

A photoshoot with Lisa Payne is something to enjoy and revel in.

The experience is tailored to suit you; a day dedicated to making you feel confident, proud and beautiful. You’re invited to take some time to feel pampered and styled by our talented make-up artist and hairstylist. Make the most of ‘you’ time and enjoy the ‘celebrity’ experience; they’ll help to bring out your natural beauty.

You are never too old, too young, too fat or too skinny.  

A startling number of women avoid the camera unless forced by social events, like weddings or Christenings. Women need to exist in photos, not just for themselves, but for their families.


 Elegance | Beauty | Empowerment

I want every woman to see how beautiful they are, to see how their images can capture the essence of their personality. I love seeing everyday women, young or young-at-heart, transformed by the power of confidence, on their own or with loved ones.
— Lisa Payne

Meet the Artist

I’m Lisa Payne, and I’ve been a wedding, event and family photographer for ten years. Growing up, I always had a passion for photography. I received my first camera at eight years old, and I’ve not stopped taking pictures since! Some of my earliest memories are of looking through endless photos when I lived with my grandparents; My great-aunt owned a portrait shop on Wembley high road, and on the other side, my uncles were wedding photographers and aerial photographers. I could see the skill it took to make a great photo. My decision to be a photographer feels like a legacy that I am continuing.

How do you create your photos?

My approach is informal and relaxed; I believe that when you have a bond with your clients, the perfect photos find you. Getting to know every client is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job; I’m naturally curious and love learning about people’s lives and experiences. It’s this that helps me to tell someone’s unique story. 

What do you find most gratifying about your job?

I love the idea that these images will be part of the fabric of a family for all time. That the moments that I capture are locked into a visual memory, not just for the people in the photo, but for those that come after. 

In a world where people fill their cloud storage with quick snaps, yet never go back to look at them, I love delivering photography that draws you back, time after time. What I do gives people something tangible to cherish, to adore, to share with the world: an heirloom that connects the past, present and future.

Who’s behind the lens?

When I’m not in my studio or photographing someone’s beautiful wedding, I can be found at home in Ruislip with my husband and nutty twins. Becoming a mother was one of the most fundamentally life-changing experiences I’ve had; I’m more emotionally tuned, more able to manage under pressure and definitely more able to multitask!

Here’s a little geeky fact…I love tracing family trees. In fact, I was an advocate for Ancestry for a few years, where I assisted people in tracing their heritage. This is partly why I love photos; they connect the people of the past to the future generations.


“What I do gives people something tangible to cherish, to adore, to share with the world: an heirloom that connects the past, present and future.”

- Lisa Payne


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