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Investing in your future memories... 

 I call it ‘investment’, because that’s exactly what photography is. It isn’t only about capturing stunning images for your wall or album for the right now, it’s also about creating a record of you, of your family life for your future self, for your children and for the generations that follow.

We have a duty to preserve our identity, so years from now, our ancestors have roots and connections to draw upon. Photographs play a significant role in bringing the past back to life, and it’s my honour to be able to use my skill to weave your story into visual memories.

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The portrait session


This includes hair and make-up, which is applied by a talented professional artist, the time taken during photoshoot time, plus my time adding the finishing touches with expert editing.

Once your photos are ready, we will arrange a time for you to come back to view your photos. What you choose to buy is entirely up to you, there is no minimum spend.

Individual a’la carte prices start at £125 and beautiful folio collections start at £399.

If you are looking to purchase a photoshoot as a gift, then I am happy to supply you with a beautiful boxed gift voucher to give as a present. Just get in touch via the contact page.


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