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“Capturing the love, memories and moments; telling your story.”

- Lisa Payne


We know how fast-paced life is; one minute you’re just out of school and the next you’re planning a wedding or having children! There’s one way to freeze everything just for one moment in time – photography.

My passion for creating natural, beautiful images means that you’ll have pictures that reflect who you are at that moment in time. A reminder of the all too quick life events from individual portraits and family photo shoots to business headshots; I bring a unique flair to your photos.

I know that being a photographer is a privilege; I share the most private and precious moments with you, committing them to a lifetime of enjoyment and memory. For me, photography is there to tell a story – your story.

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Luxury Professional Family and Portrait Photography


Meet the Artist

I’m Lisa Payne, and I’ve been a wedding, event and family photographer for over a decade. Growing up, I always had a passion for photography. I received my first camera at eight years old, and I’ve not stopped taking pictures since! Some of my earliest memories are of looking through endless photos when I lived with my grandparents; My great-aunt owned a portrait shop on Wembley High Road, and on the other side, my uncles were wedding photographers and aerial photographers. I could see the skill it took to make a great photo. My decision to be a photographer feels like a legacy that I am continuing.

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Lisa is so talented! She captured our family and especially our girls so beautifully. I highly recommend her for all your photography needs. She’s very kind and patient.
— Margaret & Tom

When was the last time you were photographed?


The Lisa Payne Photography Experience is a modern, magazine-inspired photoshoot for everyday women and businesses. No matter what your age or size! It’s a day of pampering with professional hair, makeup and styling – you can enjoy this on your own or with a loved one. Whether you’re looking for professional photos, documenting a milestone, a makeover or family photos, we have it covered.

Give someone a moment to cherish forever…

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